Guidelines To Different Treatments Of Hair Lice And Some Modalities

Lice products from Lice Doctors Los Angeles, CA should only be used on infected people, and in the case of insecticides, do not repeat with it more than three times in a row to avoid resistance.

The comb and the wand are dewormed by letting them soak for 1 hour in the lice product. The sheets, towels, hats, headbands, etc., have to be washed in the washing machine with hot water and separated from the rest of the laundry. For those items that cannot be washed with hot water, we will put them in a tightly closed plastic bag for at least three days. We will also vacuum the room and the sofa.

There are different treatments, but the guidelines to follow in general are:

  • Apply to dry hair.
  • Wash with the shampoo and rinse with water and vinegar or with a conditioner to facilitate the release of the eggs.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • Pass the pot every day to eliminate the eggs.
  • After eight days, repeat the treatment.

The treatment modalities available are:


The most widely used are permethrin, malathion, and lindane; the latter is discouraged because it has been related to seizures and other CNS disorders.

  • Permetrine: it is of high efficacy and low toxicity, although recently resistance has been developed, so it is ineffective using it for the time recommended by the manufacturers, but the optimal time is unknown, it is advisable to maintain about 8 hours and repeat the treatment at 7-9 days and reinforce with the use of deniers.
  • Malation: has less resistance, but there are no safety studies below 2 years. It takes about 20 min. Contact and it is unnecessary to repeat; contact with respiratory, digestive, and conjunctival mucous membranes should always be avoided due to their irritant effect and possible absorption.
  • Lindane: it acts at the CNS level of the louse; it is very effective, but it is absorbed through the skin, rarely giving rise to severe adverse reactions, so it should not be used in children under 2 years of age or pregnant women, or the lactation.

These insecticides from Lice Doctors Los Angeles, CA can be combined with synergists (piperonyl butoxide, benzyl benzoate), increasing the effect of the insecticide itself.

The formulation conditions quite a lot the effectiveness of the insecticide; for example, the use of lotions is preferred because the exposure time and the concentration of the product are more significant than with shampoo. The use of alcoholic lotions is discouraged in asthmatic infants and children.