Construction Industry COVID-19 Test

COVID-19 testing is essential to ensure the safety of your workers and your business.

During the pandemic, the construction industry is facing unique challenges. The pandemic has impacted both commercial and residential builders, causing disruptions in business operations. It is crucial to comply with all industry-specific government mandates as well as CDC recommendations during this period. There are things you can do in these uncertain times to ensure you don’t have to risk any more construction delays or site closures because of COVID-19. Regular viral testing at home or on-site is the first step.

The Wellness Firm is here to help you keep your business afloat and protect all employees. You can keep your projects on schedule and running smoothly with customized testing solutions to meet the needs of Los Angeles construction firms.

Services for Construction Professionals: Business COVID Testing

To keep your construction business running smoothly, it is important to conduct regular COVID-19 screenings for staff and management. The Wellness Firm offers the following services:

  • Local testing
  • Swabs of the nasopharynx
  • Pop-up testing on-site for larger businesses to stop the spread
  • Antibody testing done quickly
  • Telehealth consultations
  • Saliva testing

Our Concierge Testing Services Cater to Your Unique Industry

Business COVID-19 testing can be a smart, simple way for management teams to protect the health of their business and employees. The Wellness Firm (The Wellness Firm), is here to help. The Wellness Firm makes sure that COVID-19 testing on-site is done with minimal interruption to your daily business operations.

Construction sites pose unique challenges, which make it more difficult to transmit disease than office workspaces or retail stores. Regular viral testing is the best way to ensure safety in your workplace. Subcontractors and workers are constantly moving to and from unfinished sites.

The Wellness Firm can provide concierge-style services tailored to your schedule and site. Our service is highly personalized and streamlined to minimize disruption. We understand that your deadlines are important and will work efficiently to complete on-site testing. Our specialty is attention to detail. The Wellness Firm is known for its timeliness, safety and compliance. This allows us to perform highly accurate viral testing on-site, without any delays.

This post was written by a medical professional at The Wellness Firm.  The Wellness Firm services include workplace flu clinics, workplace flu vaccination providers, onsite rapid Covid testing in St Pete, the physical exam for employment, as well as American Heart Association CPR certification classes. Founded by local Firemen, The Wellness Firm has been providing a safer Tampa Bay since 2006.