The Importance of STD Testing for Women

We single girls are all under a lot of pressure, with a busy career and a hectic social life and health & well-being should be very high on your list of priorities. Sexually transmitted diseases are more common than you might think and a casual encounter might not reveal any symptoms and you will be unaware you have contracted something. It is easy to think that sort of thing happens to other people, yet the rising numbers of STD’s across the board is alarming to say the least and women should take adequate protection and undergo regular testing.

STD Testing

You might be thinking, “Is there women’s STD testing near me?” and there are some special clinics with rapid, confidential testing; if you had an encounter recently, it simply isn’t worth taking the risk, especially when there is a rapid testing service near you.

The Dangers of HIV

We have seen a rise in the cases of HIV here in Australia; typical symptoms are flu-like for a few weeks, this could include a sore throat, fever, body rash or muscle and joint pain. If you are always feeling run down and experience muscle or joint pain, you should book a HIV test as soon as you can. Early intervention shows positive results; many women are actually avoiding casual sex at the present time, due to the increase in cases, which is more than a little worrying.

Chlamydia Testing

The STD testing centre can test for chlamydia, which is painless and stress-free; all that is required is a urine sample and the screening can be done by a professional. The clinic understands the need for confidentiality and health professionals are always available if you need some advice or have a question connected with STDs.

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)

This is common in Australia, HPV is a viral STI; there are more than 100 strains and around 40 are transmitted sexually and this can also cause genital warts and some forms of cancer. It is common for there to be no symptoms and the only way to know for sure is have a test.

Online Solutions

Fortunately, Google is your best friend and will take you to the website of a leading Australian STD testing centre, which is close to your home and you can make sure that you are disease-free and HIV negative.

Take regular tests for peace of mind and be sure to use protection for a safe experience.