All About Ipamorelin

Ipamorelin is one of the best and most recent peptides within the growth factor family. Ipamorelin is a Ghrelin-receptor agonist, a selective Growth Hormone Secretagogue and one of the most safe GHRPs.

This peptide increases growth hormone secretion in a similar way to other peptides in its class. However, it does not increase cortisol or acetylcholine or prolactin.

Pituitary Gland: Gland Stimulated


  • Reduced body fat
  • Collagen production increases
  • Increased lean muscle mass
  • Better Sleep
  • Cell repair and regeneration accuracy
  • IGF-1 levels have increased
  • Increased bone mineral content
  • Anti-glucocorticoid catabolic effects
  • Lower appetite stimulation than GHRP-6
  • The release of cortisol, prolactin and other hormones is reduced.

Ipamorelin has shown to be highly potent and safe in human clinical trials.

Research has shown that Ipamorelin is not affected by pituitary hormonal substances such as cortisol.

Ipamorelin is one of the most effective options for HGH therapy.

This is a great benefit. Ipamorelin controls appetite and growth motricity, so you won’t feel hungry.

Ipamorelin does not increase cortisol in a significant manner, which may have adverse effects on the body. Patients who have received other types of secretagogue therapy may experience nervousness, jitters and cold sweats.


Is Ipamorelin making you hungry?

No. Ipamorelin does not increase ghrelin, and so will not make you hungry. Some growth hormones peptides increase hunger by increasing Ghrelin production. Ipamorelin does not.

How much does Ipamorelin cost?

Ipamorelin can be obtained on prescription. The price ranges from $400 to $650 for a treatment that lasts 3-5 months. Ipamorelin is administered via injection five times per week.

What is CJC/Ipamorelin?

Combining CJC-1295 and Ipamorelin stimulates the pituitary gland, which results in optimal production of growth hormone. CJC-1295 combined with Ipamorelin stimulates more receptors and increases growth hormone production. This is the second best combination on the market. Add IGF-1 and you’ve got the best combination.

Ipamorelin and weight gain

No. Ipamorelin does not reduce negative hormones as well as cortisol, prolactin (which is responsible for sexual side effects and retention of water), or ghrelin. It can be used for weight loss, to increase muscle mass and anti-aging.

What is the difference in Sermorelin & Ipamorelin?

Like sermorelin , ipamorelin helps stimulate natural growth hormone production. Ipamorelin stimulates the liver’s production of IGF-1 independent of GH. Ipamorelin stimulates all the systems involved in growth, repair and regeneration more effectively. The Difference Between Sermorelin & Ipamorelin. This blog takes a deeper look.

Other Growth Hormone Peptides

  • CJC 1295
  • MK-677
  • Tesamorelin
  • Sermorelin

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