A Beginners Guide to Choose the Best Hair Removal Solution – Between Laser and IPL

Daily, most of you generally get irritated with having to deal with unwanted hair. Therefore, everyone is looking for easy, comfortable, and quick treatments that are not only effective but provide long-lasting results as well. For many years beauticians and clinicians have been trying various methods for hair removal. They finally manage to introduce two main methods – IPL and Laser Hair Removal techniques.

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light, and both the therapies are used to perform several dermatological procedures in the aesthetic and beauty industries. Since the 1900s, both hair removal treatments were available commercially, but people hold different views regarding choosing the best one.

How Laser and IPL Hair Removal work

First of all, you must choose best and trusted Skin Clinic Bundoora for any such unwanted hair removal treatments. In both these treatments light energy is involved, that is laser absorbed into the dark pigment of your hair. This causes damage to your hair follicle. The ultimate goal is destroying the hair root and reducing further hair growth. The darker pigments absorb the light produced, which means that darker hair give better results in any type of hair removal treatments.

Laser has 3 unique properties

  • Laser hair removal procedure is monochromatic which means that the light which is emitted from the laser is of single wavelength or color. Whereas, any white light is made up of several various colors or wavelengths.
  • A laser is coherent, it means that the light is absolutely reinforcing and cannot cancel itself.
  • Laser is also “collimated” – it means that all the light waves are parallel making the light emitted by laser very powerful, as almost 100% of light could be effective in the procedure of hair reduction.

Lasers use a single wavelength to specifically target one selective chromophore that is melanin. This works superbly, as there is deeper and better penetration and the light energy is lead straight to the targeted area and fails to be absorbed by any other chromophores in the beam path. Laser machines are excellently set to emit the perfect wavelength needed to treat the hair. A trusted skin clinic Bundoora uses the most advanced laser machines for all types of hair removal needs.

IPL (Intense Pulse Light)

IPL device is not laser. This device produces a broader spectrum of wavelength, similar to a light bulb, and would not be focused on any concentrated beam. As a range of several different wavelengths are dispersed at different depths, just a few of these are properly absorbed by the hair follicle. This results in an increased risk of burns and substandard outcomes.

Other benefits of laser over IPL

  • IPL is a cheaper option, but less effective procedure for hair removal.
  • Lasers are more precise and could easily target coarse, dark hair and at the same time leaving the other surrounded areas undamaged.
  • Every laser pulse just takes a fraction of a second and treats many hairs in a given time.
  • Laser techniques can safely and effectively treat all types of skin colors but IPLs could burn darker skin.

If you are looking for the best and super-effective hair removal solutions, choose Skiin as your skin clinic Bundoora, as their highly qualified experts provide non-surgical treatments using the most advanced technology.